Megan started her career in photography in 2014 and has shot over 300 weddings all around the United States and internationally. She fell in love with weddings at a young age, and when she received her first opportunity to photograph a wedding at age 17, she knew she had found the career she wanted to pursue for the rest of her life.
Megan loves capturing  genuine moments as they unfold and knowing these photos will serve families for generations; reminding them of the love, moments, people, and relationships shared brings me so much joy.
Piper Hill Photo a sister company to Megan Kay Photography, built to serve more couples than Megan could do on her own. All team members have worked and trained with Megan for at least 30 months, assisting as a lead associate on many of Megan's most notable weddings. We are so excited to serve more clients with this brand with additional availability and exceptional talent.


Photographer. Believer. Friend



Mackenzie, sister to Megan, started photography in 2018. Mackenzie has a large portfolio of weddings in the DFW area as well in other destinations alongside Megan. She loves people and is passionate about making you feel loved and special on your wedding day. She thoroughly enjoys capturing your precious moments and seeing your love story unfold on your wedding day.

Outside of photography, she loves to volunteer at her church and serve in my community as an ICU nurse! I also love retail therapy and have a week spot for Abercrombie, Zara, and cute seaonal dresses! 

Julia started working with Megan in 2021. She has had the privilege of capturing the beauty and emotion of countless love stories and luxury events as a part of Megan's team. 

She is passionate about embracing the magic of storytelling through the lens and ensuring that every couple's love story is beautifully preserved for generations to come.

One of her favorite weekend pastimes is leisurely strolling through Northpark mall, giving her a perfect blend of relaxation and retail therapy. If you ever want to find Julia, make sure to check the David Yurman store or the Le Labo perfume counter at Nordstrom!
When it comes to TV shows, Gossip Girl and Friends will always be two of her favorites, depending on whether she is in the mood for some Upper East Side drama or wants a comforting escape to the Central Perk,


meet marissa

While Marissa began her career in 2017, her love of photography started when she was a kid and received her first film camera. Later in life, when she became a mom, she knew she didn’t want to forget any little moments and began to once again incorporate photography in her life.

Marissa is passionate about looking for the emotion in moments and making capturing your memories easy and fun. She watches for genuine connection and honest reaction while giving gentle direction when needed for the most stunning portraits. As an artist she desires to craft photographs that will last lifetimes. Her hope is for you to see her photos and say, "That's exactly how that day felt."

meet hope

Hope is a versatile photographer who combines the magic of film and digital to capture couples deeply in love - that kind of love that's infectious and everlasting. She's naturally drawn to those ecstatic moments born from pure happiness and strives to freeze them in time with her artful yet authentic approach. Hope aims to create images that are both refined and natural, preserving the genuine essence of your love story.

Beyond the lens, Hope's life is a blend of eclectic passions and activities. She enjoys hosting intimate dinner parties where she crafts memorable moments through good food and great company. Her guilty pleasure? Rewatching the 2005 version of "Pride and Prejudice" for the hundredth time, because who can resist Mr. Darcy's charm?

You might spot Hope scouring thrift stores for hidden treasures, finding beauty in the past's forgotten relics. She's also an avid reader, forever immersed in the world of a good book, and a skilled seamstress who sews her own unique fashion creations.

meet stephanie

Stephanie has over 5 years of experience in the industry, She has developed a unique approach to photography that combines aesthetic elegance, emotive creative direction all while not sacrificing the vibe of your lively celebration. 

One of her favorite moments during weddings is capturing the 'first looks.' It's a magical time that eases anxiety and tensions, allowing the genuine emotions to shine through.

Outside of photography, Stephanie has a few other favorites. When it comes to brands & presentation, she has a soft spot for luxury names like Chanel and Dior. You might find her watching Gossip Girl, planning her next trip, indulging in retail therapy at Nordstrom or exploring the latest trends at Anthropologie or just clicking “Add to cart” at Target or Amazon.